by Ant Tomlinson on
May 7, 2015

Refresher Antenatal Class

Refresher Classes

Had a baby before? Maybe it was a long time ago or maybe you just need some reminders of the process and coping methods available to you and your partner. This course is tailored to your previous pregnancy, whether that was a caesarean section or a natural water birth and covers all the options available to you and your partner to make the most of your birthing experience.

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The refresher session is available to women who have had previous children and would like to be updated. The session covers the majority of the labour and birth and also the early day’s sessions content as well as including an initial debrief on your previous labours and how they may affect your delivery and decisions this time.

This course is suitable for all women and their partners who have had any of the following deliveries.

  • Previous normal delivery –  a refresh
  • Previous instrumental or traumatic delivery
  • Previous caesarean section

The Session is 4 hours in total which can be delivered in one session or two separate sessions.