by Ant Tomlinson on
May 7, 2015

Labour and Birth

Labour and Birth

Whether planning a natural birth or having a planned caesarean section, this session will be individualised to your own unique plans and ideals. The session will inform you of the options available to you and provide the knowledge required to allow you and your partner to enjoy a stress free birthing experience.

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The labour and birth course will cover the following topics;

  • How to recognise signs of labour
  • What to pack in your hospital bag
  • Your partners role in labour
  • The natural process of labour and how your body changes
  • Optimal positioning – Having an active labour
  • The pain relief options available – the benefits and side effects of each
  • Alternative pain relief methods
  • Induction of labour process
  • Assisted delivery
  • Caesarean Sections both planned and emergency
  • How your placenta can be delivered

This course material can be changed to suit your individual circumstances, please let me know if you wish to cover anything different from the content above.

The course duration is 3 hours at a convenient time and place for you.