by Ant Tomlinson on
May 7, 2015

Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy

Just found out your pregnant? lost in the ocean of information and products available to you with no idea of where to start? Eileithyia offers a step by step guide through the three trimesters of pregnancy, helping you understand the physiological changes that will occur to your body and also the different screening options available to you and your partner.

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The ‘Early pregnancy’ session helps to prepare you for the changes that your body is going to go through as well as assisting you with information about having a healthy pregnancy and lifestyle. The information provided will give the reassurance and knowledge you need to approach pregnancy informed and empowered. Classes are tailored to your work and lifestyle and unique to your own preferences.

Course Content

The session will cover the following topics;

  • Early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness
  • The three trimesters explained
  • Diet and nutrition including foods to avoid
  • Exercise and a healthy lifestyle
  • Physiological changes to your body
  • Medicines in pregnancy
  • Role of the midwife, scans and antenatal care
  • Screening tests available
  • Possible conditions occurring in pregnancy

This course material can be changed to suit your individual circumstances, please let me know if you wish to cover anything different or additional to the content above.

The course duration is 3 hours and held at a convenient time and place for you.