How it started

Eileithyia was founded by registered and practicing midwife Zoe Grout as she could see there was a need for unbiased, informative and individualised one to one antenatal classes across London and the South East. She saw this as a supplement to the good work that NHS midwives already do. As an active NHS midwife herself she knew there was so much more she could offer if only time constraints and volume of work would allow her to.

Eileithyia believes that women and their partners should be able to choose to receive a bespoke tailored service at a time and place that is convenient to them, a service that offers the privacy to ask those questions they would not feel happy asking in a group situation, and the time to allow the information to be fully understood. The service Eileithyia provides enables women to prepare for the birth of their child with the knowledge and understanding to alleviate fear and allow for a positive, natural birthing experience.

Whether you are having a natural birth, caesarean section or induction of labour, whether you plan for your baby to be delivered in a hospital, birthing centre or at home, Eileithyia is able to provide individualised course content to suit your needs and personal preferences. Our early day’s antenatal class covers all aspects of caring for your newborn, from cord care and nappies to feeding choices and routines, alongside the Postnatal early days course ensures that the first few weeks with your newborn are stress free and supported.

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